Apartmány Island of Cres Chorvatsko ubytování dovolená v Chorvatsku Apartmány Chorvátsko Island of Cres ubytovanie Apartments Island of Cres Croatia accommodation vacation in Croatia Island of Cres Kroatien Unterkunft Urlaub in Kroatien Island of Cres Croazia alloggio vacanze in Croazia Island of Cres Chorwacja zakwaterowanie w Chorwacji wakacje Island of Cres Horvátország privát szállás üdülés Horvátországban Apartmaji Hrvaška Island of Cres namestitev Island of Cres Хорватия Отдых Apartmani Island of Cres Hrvatska smještaj Kroatië Appartementen Island of Cres Croatie hébergement Island of Cres Island of Cres Kroatien Ferienwohnungen Island of Cres Croatia apartments

Weather Croatia Island of Cres Weather forecast Croatia Island of Cres

Croatia Island of CresWeather Island of Cres

Weather Island of Cres

34.6 km/h
1027.0 hPa
0.0 mm

Weather forecast for Island of Cres for the next 6 days

Sunday, 24

14°C Fair
Precipitation 0.0 mm
Wind 29.5 kmh NE
Pressure 1028.2 hPa

Monday, 25

Partly cloudy
13°C Partly cloudy
Precipitation 0.0 mm
Wind 15.5 kmh ENE
Pressure 1023.9 hPa

Tuesday, 26

16°C Cloudy
Precipitation 0.0 mm
Wind 6.8 kmh E
Pressure 1020.3 hPa

Wednesday, 27

13°C Cloudy
Precipitation 0.0 mm
Wind 41.8 kmh NE
Pressure 1020.4 hPa

Thursday, 28

Partly cloudy
14°C Partly cloudy
Precipitation 0.0 mm
Wind 27.4 kmh ENE
Pressure 1020.3 hPa

Friday, 29

Partly cloudy
15°C Partly cloudy
Precipitation 0.0 mm
Wind 18.7 kmh SSE
Pressure 1020.4 hPa

Smještaj Julia - Island of Cres

Smještaj Julia, Island of Cres, Croatia

apartment: A4, A2, A2+1
rooms: P2, P2+1
bed capacity: 2-14
from 14 Eur/bed
to the sea 30 m

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